Kilomera sets sights on global stage as ‘Bullion Van’ delivers successful year

The outgoing year is an extremely successful one for fast-growing Nigerian singer, Chinaza Daniel Ntombah, professionally known as Kilomera, after his most recent single, ‘Bullion Van’, became the toast of everyone in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Kilomera is the biggest break-out star in the country’s music industry in 2023. The artiste, who was born in Lagos but hails from Abia State, is renowned for his enchanting Afrobeat style blended with Hip hop. The entertainer’s music portrays Africa’s rich cultural heritage, with his captivating beat and heartfelt songs. This extraordinary sensation brings his bustling to the streets of Lagos to life by his music for listeners.

The appeal of Kilomera’s music transcends national boundaries and connects with listeners across the world, which is why it will be his hunting ground from 2024. The multi-talented, who was influenced by Tupac, Andre 3000, Eminem, Jay-Z and Rakim, has a strong fan base, both within Nigeria and outside of the country, bordering on his contagious beats and moving lyrics.

‘Bullion Van’, his second single of 2023, after he initially released ‘Nervous’, written and composed by the gifted music star himself, makes a completely fascinating listening pleasure, featuring equally gifted singers; Lupay Aj, and Sugarboy, in the best masterpiece soundtrack produced by legendary Omiteezy. There is No gainsaying, that the track is one of the best among the rest that hit the Nigerian airwaves this past 12 months.

By the landmark he attained this year, Kilomera belongs to the class of the rising singers in the African music block. The Hip hop and dancehall star leaves a lasting impression on the world music landscape by showcasing the vitality and richness of African culture via his music. Kilomera is unquestionably one for the now and future. His talent and passion grow more apparent in the face of everyone.

Chinaza Daniel Ntombah’s progress in his music career is proof of his ambition to take on the world next. The world got tired of just Afro beat and gave us a class act who genuinely and creatively fuses the genre with Hip hop. In 2021, Kilomera showcased his music to the world with his stunning debut collaboration single, “Baba Alawo”. It was an introduction to his uncommon artistic style.

He spent 2022 preparing for smashing the threshold witnesses this year. Last year, he released “Dialo” and “Sorry.” His impetus and ambition for a global launch next year is premised on the success delivered this retiring year. Official Spotify figures shared by the music sensation on his Instagram account shows that he recorded almost 100,000 streams in the last 12 months and 44,900 people across the world have heard his sweet Jams this year. Also, he has had 3,600 listening hours so far by fans from astonishing 102 countries.

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