Martini Animashaun reveals his interest in older women

I can marry older woman - Martini Animashaun

Animashaun Martini is an actor, producer, digital marketer and an entertainment executive who runs Tinimash Entertainment.
In a recent interview, Martini Animashaun who is the producer of TV series Coker Close shown on Osumare Tv channel revealed that he might end up marrying an older woman.
According to him, he would find himself fortunate if that eventually happens.
He said: “I can marry an older woman. It is more if the woman will want to be with a younger man as we live in a country where we shame women who dare to date or marry partners who are either significantly younger or older than them. So if I happen to be fortunate to date an older woman who will accept my proposal, yes please. My main turn off in a relationship is dirtiness. I can not stand a woman who has poor personal hygiene. I won’t stay back one second should I notice this.”
Also speaking on how he deals with a jealous partner who can’t stand his romantic roles in movies, Animashaun said, “I believe that jealousy is birthed from insecurity and or abandonment issues. For a person my age, I very much doubt I’ll date an insecure person with abandonment issues.”
It is no longer news that forthcoming general elections in Nigeria has divided Nollywood actors, asked whose side he is on and why?
The dark skinned actor said, “I’m rooting for any candidate who has the people and the country in mind. A candidate who is about bettering the lives of the masses and creating solutions to the many issues we currently are dealing with in the nation. Party asides, I am for a man who is about serving and protecting his people.”
As 2022 is about to draw its curtains, the talented actor expressed his gratitude to God for how far he had come, as well as his best achievements.
“80% amazing for me and I’m most grateful to almighty Allah for the grace I received this year. In 2022, I independently produced 5 epic movies starring ace entertainers in the industry; ‘’Aitokunrin (Not man enough), Aiye Nika, Oda ju Omo, Oko Iya gbonkan and, Owo gba jumo.’’ I’m also the producer of the hit TV series Coker Close shown on n Osumare Tv channel on YouTube. The series produced breakout star Mummy G O.”

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