Misab: Building a business with determination 

This was the submission of Misab when he narrated his path to entrepreneurship during a live chat with his TMY News via his Instagram page, @misab40.
“Being an entrepreneur is not what you become at a moment’s notice. You must have the spark in you. Or you must have nurtured the aspiration and probably have some experience,” said Misab, whose full name is Isah Mukailu.
Drawing examples from his experience, he spotlighted some of the factors that aided his entrepreneurship effort.
“First, I have passion and love for wealth. Only by being a business person can you meet your need for wealth. Second,  I have parents that are both full-time business people who are successful in what they do. So,  they provide the motivation,” The Yamin Halal Investment CEO articulated.
Responding to questions on how easy it was for him to build his company, Misab,  a general contractor who is also active in the real estate sector, told his live audience bluntly that business is never easy anywhere in the world.
“I encountered numerous challenges when I founded Yamin Halal Investment, that is despite having parents who are businesspeople. Not all of the challenges are money or fund-related. In fact, the major one was about trust, but through patience and integrity, I weathered the storm,” he recounted.
Misab, whose Yamin Halal Investment is a dominant business in the Abuja-Kogi business space, further advised aspiring entrepreneurs to brace up for challenges and more importantly to be determined to succeed.
“One big lesson I learnt from my early struggles was that patience is a virtue that entrepreneurs must imbibe.  My role model, Mike Adenuga, the owner of Globacom telecoms is a study in patience and perseverance, and every aspiring entrepreneur should study and emulate him,” Misab stated.

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