Multi-talented Nigerian artiste, Meggax, drops new album

Diversely gifted Nigerian artiste, Olushola Oyedokun, professionally known as Meggax, will release a new music album today.

Meggax, a rising Afrobeats star, is unarguably one of the most talented in the genres of music in Africa, having taken the industry by storm with his incredible singing ability. He is Innately gifted to do no other thing than to wow the world with the musical genius that he is.

It is explicable how Meggax connects with his global audience. His irresistible voice is inviting and his performances are highly captivating. His passion for music was birthed with him as a child, underlining his dedication and love for creating good music that resounds with lovers of good tunes across the world.

The journey of the singer, who has been nominated for multiple awards, dates back to his childhood, since when he started channeling his forte and connecting through music.

Nine years ago, he took the first stride into limelight with his debut as an entertainer. That watershed moment in his career marked what has become an enigma in the Afrobeats world. The consciousness of his immense potential led him on a deep search to South Africa, to further explore himself. What he has found is massive opportunity to fully immerse himself and explore the rich and diverse culture of the rainbow nation ,while widening network in his field.

Since then, Meggax’s sojourn as a musician has been characterised by several unforgettable occasions. Valuable opportunities such as windows to perform at numerous music concerts, festivals, and clubs have won him nothing but more fans and audiences who helplessly fell under his towering talent and musical prowess on stage. Like most Afrobeats artistes on the continent, he has demonstrated the same ability to connect with his audience magically.

One of Meggax’s unique trait not found in his contemporaries is his versatility in collaborations. The singer of immeasurable talent has had the privilege of working with acclaimed artistes in Nigeria and South African. Some notable collaborations include tracks with Nigerian superstar and “Zazu” crooner, Portable,  Mr. Real, Vector of Ambitious Records in South Africa, and Chocco from the Durban Nyt group, among others. These partnerships have allowed him to traverse diverse sounds and contribute to the global fusion of Afrobeats.

Meggax’s phenomenal talent and dedication to his craft have been rewarded with several award nominations, as a testament of his deftness and impact in the industry.

It is noteworthy to stress that beyond being a performer, Meggax is much more a musical storyteller who captures the essence of Afrobeats and the spirit of unity through music. As he continues to evolve and enchant audiences with his melodies, the future holds boundless possibilities for this remarkable individual who embodies a deluge of singing aptitude. Lest we forget, he is the best Nigerian artiste in South Africa. He bagged the recognition in an award he expectedly picked up.


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