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NAD Infusions: Game-changing anti-aging solution endorsed by A-list actors, influencers, entrepreneurs

NAD Infusions, a new revolution in anti-aging treatment being introduced into Nigeria by Maureen Nwokobia, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Maufire Aesthetic Clinic, and Dr. Cornelius Agoye, founder of Pharma Aesthetics London, is the latest breakthrough dragging all the spotlights globally.

NAD Infusions endorsed by A-list celebrities and embraced by those who know its unique efficacies, are changing the way people grow deep into their age. The secrets in NAD Infusions is magical backed by nothing but pure science. The mystery behind NAD infusions, its benefits, applications, and potential risks have been unravelled, for the sake of knowledge and guarantee that they are safe for use.

The experts–CEOs of Maufire Aesthetic Clinic and Pharma Aesthetics London, have shared their insights and experiences, separating fact from vogue and gave the inside scoop on this celebrity-endorsed treatment.

NAD (Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is a coenzyme found in every cell of our bodies. It plays a crucial role in energy production, DNA repair, and cell health. As we age, our NAD levels naturally decline, leading to decreased energy, wrinkles, and age-related diseases. Sharing the science  behind NAD Infusions, they revealed that they work by replenishing depleted NAD levels, boosting energy production, and enhancing cellular function.

The innovative treatment has been shown to: Improve cognitive function and memory, enhance skin elasticity and reduce wrinkles, increase energy and physical performance, support weight management, promote DNA repair and cellular health. The celebrity endorsements and real-life results have been mind blowing. From Hollywood stars to influencers and entrepreneurs, NAD infusions have become the go-to treatment for those seeking a youthful glow and boundless energy.

However,  it is not just about looking good only, as NAD infusions have real-life benefits that can transform your overall well-being. According to Maureen Nwokobia, CEO of Maufire Aesthetic Clinic, NAD Infusions has much more benefits than listed above. She said: “As an aesthetician, I’ve seen the incredible impact of NAD infusions on my clients’ skin and overall health. It’s not just about looking younger – it’s about feeling vibrant and alive.”

Also, Dr. Cornelius Agoye adds, “NAD infusions have revolutionized the way we approach anti-aging. By replenishing NAD levels, we’re able to address the root causes of aging, rather than just masking symptoms.”

But both experts warned that While NAD infusions are generally safe, there are potential risks and considerations to be aware of, such as interaction with medications, allergic reactions, overload on the body’s energy systems and airbus, and it is crucial to consult with a qualified professional to determine if NAD infusions are right for you.

NAD infusions are more than just a celebrity-endorsed trend – they’re a game-changer in the world of anti-aging. By replenishing NAD levels and boosting cellular function, “this innovative treatment can transform your energy, skin, and overall well-being. As industry experts, Maureen Nwokobia and Dr. Cornelius Agoye are excited with NAD Infusions as breakthrough innovation, to help you turn back the clock and unlock your full potential,” they concluded.

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