Nigerian artiste, Hotkidfire, rebrands to ‘Hotkeed’

Nigerian music sensation, Hotkidfire, has changed his stage name to Hotkeed. Excited for what lies ahead his journey as one of the most talented singers in the entertainment space, the significant of his rebranding reflects his commitment to growth, innovation, and a deeper connection with his audience.

After careful considerations and in response to brand-related challenges, Hotkidfire, whose real names is Onome Onokohwomo, has embraced the new moniker, Hotkeed. This change is not just about a new name; it signifies the artist’s evolution and a renewed dedication to pushing the boundaries of his music.


Hotkeed assures fans that the passion, energy, and creativity that have been the hallmarks of his music will continue unabated. The name change represents a fresh start for the rapper, filled with exciting possibilities and new projects that will further showcase his talent and artistic vision.

This rebranding marks a significant milestone in Hotkeed’s career. It embodies his journey of self-discovery and his desire to present an authentic and dynamic identity to the world. Fans can look forward to a seamless transition, with Hotkeed’s distinctive sound and vibrant performances remaining at the heart of his new identity.

Hotkeed is eager to share his new music and upcoming projects, promising a thrilling continuation of his artistic journey. The transformation from Hotkidfire to Hotkeed is a testament to his resilience and his unwavering dedication to his craft.

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