Onome Ebi: Age not enough to make me quit Falcons

Super Falcons captain, Onome Ebi, has spoken out against those who think she should quit  the squad when she turns 40 in May.

Ebi seems unconcerned with her age, despite the fact that she is just a few games shy of a century of appearances for Nigeria and has been in five World Cups, making her the first African player to do so.

Presently 39 years and 14 days away from turning 40, Ebi has come under fire for her age, with some critics urging her to quit the game/ But she doesn’t feel age is a restriction and has said she is fully capable of playing on.

Honestly, I don’t know how I feel like this! I honestly don’t understand why I don’t feel the age thing.

If you see me and the way I play, you would never believe I’m that age. I look at myself in the mirror sometimes and I say to myself, ‘What am I doing differently that’s making me still be this fit?!’

I don’t feel it, that’s the thing. When I’m home, and I’m on break, I train with the guys, so the way I match with them, it’s unbelievable to me sometimes.

I ask myself, ‘Is this you? Are you even aging at all?’ I know, yeah, there will be a time that I must quit this game, I must retire, but when I don’t feel it, when I feel so fresh, I feel like I want to train every day.” added Ebi.

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