Osborn Nweze visits largest mall in Nigeria built by Gov Umahi in Ebonyi

CEO of Osborn Nweze Global Investment, Osborn Nweze, has visited Ebonyi International mall, the largest shopping mall in Nigeria, built by his father and governor of the state, David Umahi.

During his visit to the country’s biggest and ultra modern shopping mall, Osborn Nweze, a serial entrepreneur, also paid shopping expenses of all shoppers present and gave out New Years gifts.

Osborn Nweze, who is also the founder of Osborne Foundation, paid a visit to his father during the trip.

The Ebonyi International Mall, a microcosm of Dubai Mall, was conceived and built the administration of governor Umahi, opened for business in December 2022, and has created over 300 direct jobs.

The gigantic and beautiful structure located in Abakaliki, the state capital, stands among others, the fulfillment of the promises made to the people of the state by the governor in the area of job creation and infrastructural transformation of the state.

The administration made frantic efforts to ensure that the mega shopping mall, which has many supermarkets and malls, located at the Centenary City, by Spera In Deo, in the capital, was completed before the 2022 Christmas and New Year celebrations. And as anticipated, customers trooped in to make purchase of different goods.

It is a testament to the transformation that has been taking place in Ebonyi since Osborn Nweze’s father became governor in 2015. The international mall is a feature of cosmopolitan city and clear indicators of rapidly growing emerging economy, with investors confident of Returns on Investment (RoI).

Manager of 3rd retail Africa and one of the investors, Eze Igwe, was full of praise for his excellency over the commendable feat.

We are proud to announce that one of Nigeria’s biggest retail brands, Everyday Supermarket is the anchor tenant in the mall and is finally ready to open its doors and give the teeming consumers of Ebony State and its environs an exciting shopping,” he said.

The biggest achievement of this investment made by the administration of His Excellency the state governor is the socioeconomic impact on the state. As we speak, the mall has already generated 300 jobs and counting.

“At full capacity, this mall will have over 2000 direct workforce with the benefits of income and wealth creation which will have a significant multiplier effect on the economy of the State. There will be growth in Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) and an increase in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Ebonyi State.

This mall is positioned to be the best investment destination in the South of Nigeria and will play a major role in poverty reduction in the state.”

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