Simon Adozi : How to bring down cost of property in Lagos


The gap in housing deficit in the country continues to grow as the population keeps going up and migration to major cities like Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt goes on without relenting. More worrying than the population of inhabitants bedevilled with lack of decent accommodation, is the cost of acquiring a decent housing in any part of the the country’s commercial nerve centre.


But Adozillion Homes and Realty, founded in 2021 by cerebral entrepreneur, Simon Nwachukwu Adozi, has been creating interventions, championing affordable and decent housing for all through its structural designs and friendly payment plan, rolling on the back of his several years of experience as an investor in the sector.


Simon Nwachukwu Adozi has almost 10 years of experience in the real estate sector in the country. He started the company in 2021 and its impact within years of existence has been phenomenal. Adozillion Homes and Realty has been at the forefront of re-inventing the industry in Nigeria with the application of technology and adoption of 21st century design conceptualisation.


Enumerating the challenges bedevilling the industry in the nation and particularly the cost of owning a real estate investment property in Lagos, he fingered absence of government as a regulator, in ensuring that mass housing for residents is a possibility.


“It is majorly the lack of governance. We want to provide this accommodation but it has to be a partnership between us and the government to be able to see how prices can be reduced. But we are doing our best to make sure that the prices are affordable”, Simon Adozi said in an interview.


Continuing, Simon Adozi said, “What we are doing right now is a bit of the luxury space. We want to play in the mass housing space. That’s why we’re developing estates in Epe, Ibeju, etc., just to be able to cater to that market.



“For the property management space, we want the government to come in, in terms of the land partnership. If I can get cheap land, I can work my way around looking for some technology to be able to deliver a housing solution. Some people build houses that don’t have to do with cement and block anymore. Some technologies can help you to build houses without you breaking the bank. But the major factor in real estate is land. And lands are owned by the government”, added Simon Adozi


As a real estate expert, the core value of Simon Adozi, recipient of the prestigious 40-under-40 CEOs in Africa, African Youth Excellence Award, 100 most influential youths in Africa awards, is to meet the needs of customers unwaveringly. This has been the secret of the company’s success story, so much that the visioner wrote a book, “10 DEADLY MISTAKES TO AVOID IN REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS”, to guide and enlighten citizens on the essence of owning a property.


However, for Simon Nwachukwu Adozi, life as a real estate consultant is not a bed of roses. He revealed that “in a bid to source for cheaper lands and property investment, innocent investors fall prey to these fake Real Estate Agents, unprofessional and unqualified Brokers who rip them off their hard-earned funds as decisions taken may lead to loss of lands, investment properties and loss of tens and millions of Naira (funds) in most cases.”


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