Sunak apologises for leaving D-Day events early, calls it a ‘mistake’

British Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak says it was a “mistake” to leave D-Day commemorations in Normandy prematurely on Thursday

Reports had circulated that Sunak left ahead of world leaders gathering on Omaha Beach, and it later transpired he’d taken part in an ITV interview

Sunak says “it was a mistake not to stay in France longer, and I apologise”

Earlier, Sunak denied that claims he made about Labour’s tax plans were dubious, after Keir Starmer accused him of lying

Asked in the ITV interview if he would lie “to stay in power”, the prime minister said “no”

It comes after a TV debate between Sunak and Starmer, during which the PM claimed a Labour government would mean £2,000 of tax rises per working household

The statistics watchdog has criticised Sunak’s presentation of the number, saying people would not know it was a sum totalled over four years

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