SunshineGzuz: My new single ‘Popo’ has been a big hit

Talented Nigerian artiste, Onugha Victor Chike, who is popularly known as SunshineGzuz, has said his new track titled “Popo”, featuring Highstarlavista, has been well received by music buffs, lovers and fans all over the world.

Onugha Chike, who hails from Obosi, Anambra State, is seen as one of the best Afrobeats voices to come out of the South East.

SunshineGzuz, who touted his new single as the jam of the summer, told reporters that he was elated with the wide rotation that Popo has enjoyed since its official debut.

According to SunshineGzuz, ”Popo has been a big hit and well received by music lovers, who have been streaming the song, downloading it and soaking up on it since it was released on all streaming platforms across the world. I am so honoured and appreciative of this show of love from people who I do not even know.

”What amazes me the most is that this song has continued to enjoy massive rotations by disc jockeys in radio stations and high-groove clubs. The disc jockeys are just belting out the songs and those listening to it are just dancing and grooving to Popo. It is such a huge honour to me and those that supported the production of this song”, added Onugha Victor Chike

The Afrobeat artiste and songwriter broke into limelight three years ago during the outbreak of COVID-19. He first wowed music lovers with“Energy”, before dropping “Why, “Joromi” and “Don’t stress it”.

In 2022, SunshineGzuz gained additional traction with another two hit songs: “Kontrola and “Correct”, featuring Suscex and Scotty in the latter.

SunshineGzuz stole the spotlight in 2022, when he remixed cover for Bnxn’s hit track Finesse. This further inscribed his name in the industry as a budding music talent, destined to soon become one of the shinning stars of the nation.

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