The Scar Movie is centered on female genital mutilation – Ella Emefiele

After years of consistent hard work, US based Nigerian actress and Filmmaker, Ella Emefiele is finally ready to release her movie, The Scar.

Ella Emeifele

The big screen movie centres around female genital mutilation (FGM) and it’s negative effects in the lives of the victim.

According to Emeifele, Female Genital Mutilation is rarely talked about, yet has a lot of impact on relationships, marriages and one’s mental health in general.

Ella Emeifele

“How much do you know about the effects of genital mutilation and how to remedy its negative effects in the lives of victims? That’s what the movie The Scar is all about. It’s a cinema movie which is set to released in Nigeria and in the USA soon,” she hinted.

The Scar boasts of top Nollywood stars like Stella Damasus, Joseph Benjamin, Mercy Macjoe, Collins John Emeifele, Ella Emeifele and more.

Trinity Ugonabo is the associate producer.

Ella Emeifele

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