Who is Jimmy Ofuoyan CEO of 360Kuts

Life is a battle, so much so that even the mighty have to fight. The truth about it is that the pains and groaning of today become the gains of tomorrow. Coming to terms with the complexities of life early is a valuable treasure.

Jimmy Ofuoyan, CEO of 360Kuts, also known as Khalilimages; two big brands, had an unusual understanding of time and season, when to labour and build for his future. If one’s background was a criteria to determining the future, he would never have had a shot at stardom. Without motivation anywhere, he became his own force pushing himself, even in the face of the greatest adversities known to mankind.

Born on August 15, 1998, he grew in a family of nine, with four sisters and three brothers, of which he is the youngest of the male folks. However, the formative years were harrowing and difficult, but his dream wouldn’t let him give up on himself.

At age 12, Jimmy Ofuoyan enrolled in his own older brother’s unisex salon as an apprentice to learn braiding and fixing of women’s hair. After a few years, he was granted certificate of completion. In addition to that, he became a master in men’s modern haircut merely by watching videos on YouTube. Nevertheless, he remained with his brother until he felt it was the right time to move on.



To begin the journey of life on his own, Jimmy Ofuoyan saw a future outside the shores of Nigeria and in 2016, he travelled to Libya with his nephew, Tony, and two other friends; Harris and Frank, with Italy as the destination. They fell into the hands of human trafficking syndicate in the war-ridden North African country, where he was kept in a prison camp. As unpleasant as the situation was, he saw it as an opportunity. He gave haircut to his captors and other victims using blade and comb.

After 18 months in captivity, the boss of 360Kuts, also known as Khalilimages escaped from prison and made the perilous journey to Italy, where he first lived in Laboratorio per le Aree Protette Italiane e lo Sviluppo Sostenibile (LAPISS) a small city of Abruzzp in Sicily. While he was there, he used his friendly nature to his advantage as he entertained guests at events and festivals as a disc jockey.

After a while in Sicily, Jimmy Ofuoyan was taken to camp where he began to give home service as a hair stylist for both men and women, as he could not get a job a migrant. After moving to Pescara in 2018, the moved The 360Kuts and Khalilimages managing director began to attract the attention of the entire country to his exceptional proficiency, using the power of the social media to promote and project his skill.

He became an international sensation when a Pescara player patronised him and later, Argentinian footballer, Leandro Fernandes. His social media followers grew exponentially, following his rising profile. Consequently, the 360Kuts visioner began to enjoy patronage from celebrities, entertainers and footballers.

Jimmy Ofuoyan won the ‘Blurriest Fastest Fade Technique Barber Battle’ against other good hairstylists and barbers in his community & barbershop where he worked for several years in Italy, and was adjudged as the best in Pescara and Milan.

Khalilimages, the digital content arm of his business, harnesses the power of social media to provide contents which have a blend of haircut videos, Vlogs and lifestyle videos

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