Thembi Shilenge: South Africa’s No 1 crypto Influencer

High-flying cryptocurrency influencer, Thembi Shilenge said her business life is guided by the advice of American magnate and investor, Warren Buffet.
“I have been given lots of advice by some successful entrepreneurs, but the most striking is this saying by Warren Buffett, that “a great investor is not determined by the knowledge he has but by control of emotions.” I live by the quote every day,” she said in the latest live Instagram chat with TMY Podcast.
The acclaimed Bitcoin guru, whose full name is Thembi Portia Shilenge, has been one of the leading promoters of cryptocurrency in South Africa.
With a wealth of experience that included working with Binance as a Bitcoin trader for more than five years, Shilenge has risen from a poor chemical engineer to become one of the nouveaux riches of the Southern African country.
She is presently the CEO of Crypto Dimension Academy and regional CEO of CoinW Exchange.
Thembi Shilenge shared with her followers the insights she has gained about modern business since she ventured into cryptos.
“Now, I know it is possible to fully run a business with people in different countries without even knowing them. Using blockchain technology, you can run an organisation through an algorithm that caters for all partners and shareholders,” she said.
Thembi Shilenge added: “Nowadays, Blockchain technological advancements are making the business world easier day by day through such innovations like the metaverse, Web3, DAOs and AI among others.”
Regarded as South Africa’s No 1 crypto influencer, Thembi Shilenge said it is a position that has responsibilities.
“Being a crypto influencer means I affect the day-to-day decisions of a community of followers concerning cryptocurrency. Without knowing them personally, I can still guide them through what I write or post,” she said.

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