TMY Empire boosts podcasting with best studio, excellent service

Podcasting in Nigeria has been given a boost by TMY Empire, one of the best digital media companies in the country, which has started offering the service and its benefits to Nigerians and businesses.

TMY Podcast (full meaning, Tree Money Yard Podcast) is a subsidiary of the TMY Empire (or TMY Media as it is otherwise known) which has the largest creative studios and entertainment community network.

The TMY Empire has no less than six different studios under its imprint, including its recording studio, photo studio, rehearsal studio and now the podcast studios, among others, which are built to standard specifications and equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.

In an age where podcasting has become part of the emerging forms of broadcasting, the TMY Podcast has stepped up with a podcast service for sessions, group discussions and interviews.

Speaking about the development, the founder and CEO of TMY Empire, Ajayi Solomons avowed that TMY Empire’s quality digital production services is reflected in its podcast service, noting that the studios are equipped with a quality pro unit for seamless recording and space enough to accommodate between three and eight people.

He said further: “The interior is fitted with custom lighting and the studio temperature control is top-notch. Nothing but the best quality of audio and video equipment are fitted.”
What’s more, the TMY podcast show is hosted by entrepreneurs and experienced brand builders who will give clients the benefits of their experience and expertise to help launch and achieve branding and marketing objectives.

Clients patronising the service of the TMY business podcasts will also enjoy the benefit of TMY Empire’s vast network and branding experience built over the years.

According to the TMY Empire CEO: “TMY Podcast takes care of the entire production from research and planning, presenting, editing, and distribution to all major media platforms including top newspapers, magazines, blogs, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.”

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