VGH BOSS: Real estate czar manufacturing guru

It is unarguable that highly successful people like Okafor Chinedu Emmanuel, also known as VGH BOSS, chairman of VGH Group, have achievement mindsets. They think about big goals, how to get after them and the potential rewards that will follow. Finishing is key for them, they do not focus on failure or what could go wrong. They know that with every decision there comes inherent risk.


And those risks are what have made VGH BOSS, the Chief Executive Officer of VGH Industrial Production, VGH Homes Limited and VGH Music one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Nigeria. His open mindedness to learn and bear utmost risks where others competitors have failed are some of the open secrets of one of Nigeria’s rapidly flourishing investors.


The VGH BOSS launched into the real estate market years ago to genuinely provide solutions to the accommodation challenge faced by the world’s most populous black nation on the earth. Objectively driven by VGH Homes Limited’s core vision of affordable housing for all, the firm is emerging as the real deal in Africa.


The real estate development establishment has proven capabilities in the provision of a wide variety of profitable residential and commercial properties out of sheer innovation grounded in modern standards, by offering property ownership and investment opportunities to Nigerians, thereby providing clients luxury and affordability, with high returns on real estate investment.


The VGH BOSS is equally as impactful in the manufacturing sector. He is a big fish in the country’s plastic recycling industry. The business tycoon contributes immensely, not only in the recycling value chain, but the economic at large. Apart from creating jobs, he contributes in no small measure in preserving the environment badly endangered by untamed and indiscriminate dumping of plastic wastes.


VGH Industrial Production is a popular player in the manufacturing of nylon and plastic products in Nigeria, recycling plastic bags, plastic water bottles, polyethylene bottles, etc. The VGH BOSS is a positive influence to the country’s economic growth, and more importantly, influences the productive capacity of the economy.


To complete one of the most fascinating profiles, the VGH BOSS is a renowned humanitarian figure. He has undertaken several philanthropic outreaches to help the poor and the needy in the nation. VGH Music is also an empowerment platform dedicated to talented artistes who seek to be projected by a record label and reach for the stars.


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