Webcore Nigeria has created positive outcomes for organizations, says Eloho Oyegwa

Eloho Oyegwa, CEO of Webcore Nigeria, a leading digital technology company in the saddle of providing cutting-edge services to businesses in the country, has highlighted some of its achievements.

In the last seven years, Webcore Nigeria, a brand synonymous to innovation, has become the thrust for several companies in the country, in leveraging online tech solutions for increasing profitability, in the provision of services, such as Social Media Marketing, SEO, Internet Branding, Online Presence and Digital Marketing Packages, through its e-commerce platform.

Apart from its business relations with organisations and enterprises, Webcore Nigeria, founded in 2014, has its journey marked by remarkable and indelible influence on businesses and individuals in different industries with verifiable footprint on social media, helping to improve their presence and visibility to targeted audience.

“One of our notable successes lies in the strategic management of social media profiles for prominent personalities in Nigeria, including the revered prophet, Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin. We played a pivotal role in elevating his Instagram following from 43,000 to an impressive 300,000 in 2018. Simultaneously, his Facebook page experienced exponential growth, soaring from 600,000 to an astounding 2 million followers, and his YouTube subscribers witnessed a surge from 134,000 to an impressive 600,000 during the same period. Beyond our collaboration with Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin, our client portfolio includes esteemed names such as Specdo, Umanu Elijah, Sunkanmi, including many other personalities and brands. Through our tailored digital strategies, we have nurtured engaging online communities, driving brand visibility and user engagement”, said Eloho Oyegwa.

The Webscore Nigeria boss disclosed that as the visioner of the company, he had to redefine the operations of the company from its initial focus; a shift he admitted positively impacted its profitability and undertakings.

“The idea for this venture emerged from my initial experience in website development, which later transitioned into offering website design services. Recognizing the limitations of service delivery business, I pivoted to a product-led model in 2016, focusing on digital solutions. Since our establishment on August 31, 2016, this approach has not only resulted in higher and faster revenue but also enabled us to reach a broader audience, making it a successful and sustainable business model. The lower revenue and struggle to expand our customer base were daunting obstacles. In order to overcome these challenges, I made a strategic decision to pivot from a service delivery model to a product-led digital technology business”, explained Eloho Oyegwa

He added that, “by transitioning to selling digital products like Social Media Marketing, SEO, Internet Branding, Online Presence, and Digital Marketing packages through our e-commerce platform, we not only addressed the issue of lower revenue but also found a solution to attract a wider audience. This shift not only boosted our earnings but also allowed us to connect with more customers, transforming our initial challenges into opportunities for growth and sustainability”.

The giant strides Webcore Nigeria has scored in seven years of existence has been phenomenal. It is a clear demonstration of the understanding by its Chief Executive Officer (CEO), to sit on the shoulder of his business mentors; through whose eyes  he has been able to see farther.

“My business role models have always been Michael Ibru, Gabriel Igbinedion, and MKO Abiola. These remarkable individuals have not only inspired me but also shaped my entrepreneurial aspirations. What fascinates me the most is their ability to amass wealth from humble beginnings, proving that hard work, determination, and innovation can transform lives,” he said.

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