Where does Rommel Asagwara one of US most sought-after aesthetician come from


He is reputed as one of the best in his field and is  amongst the most-sought after cosmetic doctors in Atalanta, Georgia, United States of America. Dr Rommel Asagwara is the founder of Dream Weight Botox Clinic, with spread across Atlanta and Ridgeland Mississippi.
Rommel Asagwara is highly distinguished in his professional practice as an aesthetician. He was born in Lagos, before moving abroad to specialise in medically helping men and women achieve their dream outward appearance through scientifically-certified methods and procedures.
The medical doctor was deliberate about his choice of career and is passionate towards ensuring that he finds solutions to his clients’ facial, skin and body blemishes, as well as unwanted fats. Professionally, he goes the entire distance to help his patients attain the sort of appearance that boosts their confidence and impact on their success and attaining their goals.
Rommel Asagwara explained that the satisfaction that comes from when his clients wear a smile of contentment, which signifies that they have finally arrived where they have always dream of, has been his driving force.
“The joy I get from people when I work for them: ‘You’ve changed my life, you’ve made things easier for me.’ It is that self confidence they get again, it’s their health they regain. It’s their way their husbands or wives would look at them. Those things matter and for me, it is the reason I decided to go into medicine to help people,”  explained Rommel Asagwara.
The physician has brought to light several issues of hormonal imbalances which many perceive as normal. Dr Rommel Asagwara stressed that concerns such as unwanted hairs, especially in women, can cause discomfort and skin irritation, which if left to grow, could degenerate into further anxiety.
Dr Rommel Asagwara, who is an emergency medicine specialist and medical aesthetician, attended some of the world’s best school of medical sciences and had staggering exposures. He studied medicine at the Louis Pasteur university, Faculty of Medical Science, and served as a resident physician at the Pitie Salpetriere Hospital in Paris, France, and Sud Francilien Hospital.
Dr Rommel Asagwara completed another residency in the US. His competence and expertise elevated him into becoming one of the two Chief Resident Doctors at the University of Kansas Medical Centre between 2018 and 2019, overseeing 27 doctors.
His deep psychology about how people of different cultures perceive beauty is deeply rooted in his years of practice. The Dream Weight Botox Clinic offers some of the best skin treatment and procedures in the world, which is why Dr Rommel Asagwara’s expertise is in high demand by men and women seeking skin solutions. The clinic offers elite treatments which he insists cost less and assures of stronger permanent results.
“Be money smart and upgrade to the elite treatment with #coolscultingelite. Don’t do old school treatment that cost more with less results. Elite has more tissue contact, stronger permanent results, and quicker too. We are number 1 and only clinic in central Mississippi with elite treatment. In Atlanta, it’s do hard to find. Be start,” Rommel Asagwara said in a video posted online.



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