Who is BKGlam Group CEO Bukonla ‘Bukkykoga’ Esan?

biography of UK-based Nigerian female entrepreur


Who exactly is leading Nigerian UK-based female entrepreneur Bukonla Ifedayo Esan, the delectable and high flying CEO of BKGlam Group, which houses an events planning outfit and fashion and designs arm.
One of the greatest virtues in life is acknowledging that our efforts have not solely been responsive for how far we think we might have come, or how much we have achieved in life.
Unfortunately, many of us do not understand that humility clearly underscores the divinity-factor in all of our accomplishments. Pride has unknowingly been responsible for the downfall of many great men and women in business, politics, entertainment, sport, academics, science and innovation, etc.
But an individual who, despite all her grinding over the years, to have attained so much, however, considers herself as a recipient of God’s favour is Bukonla Ifedayo Esan, popularly referred to as Bukkykoga.
She clearly has the understanding of the biblical saying that the “race is not to the swift, neither is the battle to the strong…”
Bukkykoga’s runs BKGlam Events and BKGlam International. Both brands are renowned for providing services to high-ranking individuals and elites across the world.
The Lagos-born entrepreneur who emigtated to the United Kingdom years ago, holds a first degree in Business Administration and Human Resources at Plymouth University in the UK. Two years after her graduation, she launched into business, in which her doggedness, determination, perseverance, focus and  indomitable spirit has brought her immense success and achievement.
A citizen of the United Kingdom,
Bukkykoga is a noteworthy source of inspiration to younger ones in need of worthy examples to emulate, in a world that many young ones want to live on the fast lane.
Bukonla Ifedayo Esan regularly uses her social media handles to dish out device to upcoming entrepreneurs and youths about life, pointing out that there are no short routes to success.
In a recent message on her Instagram page, Bukkykoga  said: “All shades of beauty, growing and flowing, child of grace.”
The BKGlam Group CEO has acquired properties in the heart of London, the capital city of England, but she wears humility and simplicity as regalia. Many who have not seen anything close to the blessings in her life have put out the lights of many others because of pride, arrogance, and they arrogate their success to strength and effort.
Bukkykoga’s BKGlam International, the fashion arm of BKGlam Group, was the talk of the show at the 2022 Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards, (AMVCA), which was held in Lagos in May. Top Nollywood celebrities, including multiple award-winning actress, Toyin Abraham, proudly flaunted her glamorous design.
Having come this far, yet, she noted that her career success is not an indication that those who are less lucky in life are simply not doing enough.

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