Who is Europe-based top Ghanaian rap artiste TBKOfficixl


The following narrative is the amazing trajectory of how Austrian based Ghanaian rapper Agyei Roland, who is popularly referred to as TBKOfficixl, started out and became the top singing sensation making waves in Europe and beyond.
Either back home or in the diaspora, Africans have continously expoused the fact that all they require is an environment to showcase that they are talented. Someone who is showing the way positively is TBKOfficixl.
A Ghanaian by birth, TBKOfficixl is a rap artiste residing in the European nation of Austria, where he enjoys a tremendous amount of support from fans from far and near.. His mastery of the German language the official language spoken in Austria has further endeared him to the millions of followers.
Agyei Roland sings naturally in Deutsche which makes him unique and attractive to curious fans of hip hop; the genre in which he does his music. As he continues to get attention across the world, his fanbase keeps growing as music lovers flood all international music streaming platforms to have a taste of this music sensation, who employs hardline and explicit lyrics to pass across his message.
TBKOfficixl attained  international stardom in 2017, when he released a 13-track album laced with melodious rap flow. He successfully launched himself with the album,  titled ‘Polymorphose’ and featured Crest in whooping seven tracks. In 2020,  the singer satisfied the cravings of his fans with the release of a single, ‘Bad Man’, which further increased his popularity and enlarged the number of those who embraced his music the world over.
In June 2022, TBKOfficixl took his growing international image and profile to another level entire. He began to attract some attention among music lovers in Africa following the release of a number of singles. The artiste released Jordan Emblem and Fick Die Neider, with the latter translating in English language as ‘Fuck The Envious’.
He subsequently dropped the video for ‘Fuck The Envious’, a strongly-worded single, which is about his most loved single. The track got positive reviews, so much so that fans couldn’t wait for the video, which TBKOfficixl eventually dropped and it became another hit on it’s own.
As his stock continues to rise, so are his contemporaries who are not hiding the desire to collaborate with him.The other singles TBKOfficixl released in 2022  include: Cest La Vie featuring Bryann and Bomboclaat, in which he featured Sosa Kriminell.
“Betting on me is the right risk,” he wrote on the track awareness post on Instagram.
His songs, from his first album in 2017, to his most recent singles, are enjoying highly impressive streaming figures and listening hours on Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music and Deezer. TBKOfficixl’s ‘Fuck The Envious’ can also be listened to or downloaded in unlimited fashion in Hi-Res quality on Qobuz on subscription basis from £10.83/month.

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