Who is wave making Nigerian skit maker Deacon Famous?


Who is popular Nigerian skit maker, Awesome Chidiebere, fondly known as Deacon Famous? Why is the young comedian making waves in a country where the economy is making people to think twice in their pursuit for positive change?
Over the years, Nigerian comedians have become the  soothing relief from the strains of challenges life throws at fellow citizens. One of those responsible for the smiles, despite the struggles of beinv Nigerians is skit maker, Awesome Chidiebere, popularly referred to as Deacon Famous.
Deacon Famous is one of the people driving the sector, where he first began as a kid, before taking ta hiatus to get himself educated. After his elementary and secondary school education, Deacon Famous proceeded to study Criminology and Security Study from National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) and History and International Relations at the Delta State University, Abraka.
While some thought that Awesome Chidiebere would return to the entertainment sector as an actor, he went for something not too different from his first passion.
“I started comedy from secondary school, I was entertaining my schoolmates during social gatherings in school and after secondary school, I took it as a job and I’ve been feeding with it. In the university, I was the best and most influential comedian on campus and I held the biggest shows on campus”, said Deacon Famous.
After spending a decade in the industry as a comedian, Deacon Famous has grown to become one the A-list social media practitioners in Nigeria and has carved a veritable niche for himself
Born in the 1980s, Deacon Famous, whose real name is Awesome Chidiebere dishes out contents on Instagram, which are engaging, funny, and lends credence to the fact that he is one of the best in the pool. So highly sought-after are his contents that he has huge following across all social media platforms, boasting of 138,000 followers on Instagram; over 62,000 subscribers on Youtube and 1.3million followers on Facebook.
Speaking on how the name Deacon Famous came to be associated with him, he said, “the name Famous was given to me by my secondary school teacher, I added Deacon because I was doing gospel comedy. I started getting jokes from the Bible and that really helped me. So I chose the moniker Deacon Famous’.
He also shared what he has gained as Deacon Famous.
“Comedy is a very lucrative business but the amount you make, depends on the amount of work you put in. They’re people who have built mansions and Estates through comedy”.

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