Why I chose Noah as a role model -Diamond Dietanuru Osakorigho


In circumstances where it is impossible to make physical contacts with role models, the values they live for become guiding principles. That was sufficient enough for one of Nigeria’s veteran actor and comedian, Diamond Dietanuru Osakorigho, owner of popular Pararan Mock News, who is giving comedy a new name in Nigeria.


Diamond Dietanuru Osakorigho hails from Warri in Delta State, and he is the fourth of five siblings. He made a name for himself in the Nigerian entertainment industry when he won the 2005 edition of the Made in Warri comedy contest, and the achievement birthed the beginning of a memorable journey.


“It was the first time I went for a comedy audition titled Made in Warri. I was declared the winner in my state. People in my community were all happy and proud of me. Since then, I have not looked back”, reflected Diamond Dietanuru Osakorigho


The Pararan Mock News owner grew up in Warri, where apart from housing a large volume of Nigeria’s crude oil deposit, also produces the best set of the country’s comic actors. Though Diamond Dietanuru Osakorigho explained that comedy runs in his family, he recognized the essence of education to refine his skill and sharpen his knowledge. The doyen of Nigeria’s comedy sector holds a certificate in Business Management Studies from the Ghana Chartered Institute of Financial Investment Analysis, and on the verge of completing his studies at the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ). The entrepreneur is also studying for a degree in mass communication at the City University in Cambodia.


“Growing up, my mom and dad were funny couples, so they made the house fun with funny behaviours and conversations; it was so natural. I also never liked a dull moment; I always want to see people around me happy, so it was part of my motivation into comedy that I took it up from there”, he recalled.


“As for qualifications, they have helped me develop the skills and knowledge I need to succeed in the comedy industry and make a positive contribution to society. Comedy and my qualifications have helped my career very well and have impacted positively on society at large”.


The Pararan Mock News managing director is someone the industry has rewarded for his talent, consistency and redefining naija’s comedy sector since his foray in 2017. Three times every week, he publishes commentaries on key national issues in a comic relief manner and at the same time, bringing attention to them. One would ask “to what end?” According to him, The Ellen DeGeneres Show and Trevor Noah’s The Daily Show inspired him to use his platform to promote messages of social justice and equality virtues that have long disappeared in Nigeria’s social-political space.


“Both are comedians who have achieved great success while also using their platforms to promote positive messages of social justice and equality. Both are my role models who inspired me to pursue my dream and make a positive impact on the world. one of the biggest lessons in comedy is the importance of being true to yourself and your own unique voice. When you’re starting out, it can be tempting to try to emulate other comedians or follow the latest trends, but ultimately, the most successful comedians are the ones who have a distinct point of view and a unique sense of humour that sets them apart from everyone else,”stressed Diamond Dietanuru Osakorigho

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