Working with Specdo opened doors for me in entertainment industry—Directormoze

Dreams do come true, and they create hope that get us excited. The excitement ultimately ensures we stay focused to accomplish more goals, both in our personal and professional lives, regardless of the size of the Goliath on our road to triumph.

One of Nigeria’s youngest and talented video directors, Ajayi Efe Moses, popularly known as Directormoze is an existential proof. Braced with the understanding of time and season, essence of determination, hunger and focus, his dreams in the Nigerian music industry are undeniably coming true thick and fast.

Born in Ogun State but grew up in Warri, Delta State, Directormoze has been operating as an expert in directing visuals in the industry for six years. He was given an opportunity by arguably the country’s biggest, most passionate, creative, experienced production company equipped and specializes in media productions and management, TMY Media.

Like it is said that uneasy lies the head that wears the crown, Ajayi Moses had a difficult start in his career, particularly after he was named as TMY Media’s official video director in 2017. His desire and passion to work with top artistes in Nigeria was not coming through as quick as he had desired after the company relocated to Lagos from the west coast.

However, Directormoze was resolute, persevered, worked hard and in 2018, the heavens opened for him for a beginning of a remarkable career. He first worked with Specdo, an aclaimed Afro-Pop artist. He explained in an interview, that the breakthrough opened his eyes to the importance of working with A-list singers in the Nigerian music industry.

“My name is Ajayi Efe Moses, or Directormoze as my fans call me, I’m a video director and cinematographer, I’ve worked with the likes of Solid Star, Soft, Specdo, King Inapodia, I’ve been doing this for the past six years. I work with TMY Media as their official video director. I also create content.

“I was born in Ogun State but grew up in Delta, Agbarho to be precise. In the industry, I started in Ghana in 2016 working with TMY Media , then we had to move back to Lagos. I started working with TMY officially in 2017 as the official video director. When I started working, it was really difficult because I didn’t have the idea of the industry and how it goes it Lagos.

“It was really challenging because I’d been trying to work with popular artistes since 2017, which was very difficult for me. But in 2018, when I was able to work with artistes signed under TMY Media, I noticed that in the industry, you have to work hard and work with known people, so that you can be known also”, he said.

Directormoze pointed out that working with Specdo opened doors to him in the industry and he has gone on to work with Solid Star, Skiibi, Skales, Soft as well as one of Nigeria’s most popular culture ambassadors, King Enakpodia.

“So in 2019, I also pushed up, I worked with Solid Star, then 2020, I worked with one of my artistes; King Enakpodia. Then 2021 I also pushed up and worked with TMY Media on their Podcast, then we moved to Lekki, then I worked with Skiibi, I worked with Skales, I worked with Soft and a lot of popular celebrities here”, expressed Directormoze

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