Borno residents flee as ISWAP terrorists issue ultimatum

An unspecified number of residents in Kukawa Local Government Area of Borno State have reportedly fled their homes, after ISWAP terrorists issued an ultimatum to them to do so or face execution.

According to Daily Trust, at least 35 fishermen were killed by the terrorists who attacked the area last Sunday. It said sources confirmed that about 25 people were severely injured in the attack, while 30 people are still missing days after it happened.

It was said that residents of the community and the terrorists had been coexisting peacefully for more than a year, until the incident. The terrorists accused the villagers of spying for the Nigerian army.

“They claimed they wanted to preach to us, and we were deceived. Instead, they gathered us, and their commander ordered our execution. They accused us of betrayal, saying some among us were spying for enemies,” one the survivors was quoted as saying.

“They opened fire on us. At least 35 people were killed, and over 30 managed to escape. One of the terrorists was punished by their commander for allowing some of us to flee.

“Ten more people have returned this morning, so more than 30 people are still missing. We don’t know if they are alive or dead.”

The ISWAP fighters–the arm of ISIS in West Africa, were said to have gathered the residents and issued the ultimatum to them.

Modu Kukawa Ba’nna, a villager who also witnessed the gruesome killing, said the fleeing residents are now divided into two groups, with some currently in Tunbun Rogo, Kukawa Local Government.

“We were gathered this morning by the terrorist group and received the warning. They said the deadline is Saturday, starting from today. If we don’t leave the area by Saturday, we will face the consequences. Many have left for Monguno, and we are leaving tomorrow before the deadline.

“I have heard some people saying they were not going anywhere. They said it is better to be under terrorists than to go back to starvation in the IDP camps,” he said.

The community is currently gripped with fear as security agencies are yet to confirm the developments.

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