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Candylovenaturecare introduces 28 days detox, flat tummy food supplement

Candy love Nature Care Limited, Nigeria’s leading skincare and Spa company, has introduced 28 days detox and flat tummy food supplement, to help its clients live  totally healthy lifestyle.

Candy love Nature Care Limited, founded by Asaruchi Queen Smith, has branches in the United Kingdom, Port Harcourt and Lagos. It started operation in 2017, and

has grown to become the go-to beauty outlet in the country. It has array of natural beauty products to enhance skin outlook, to give its clients the total confidence and glow. The products include: Brightening Body Wash, Eraser (knuckle set), Dry Skin, Only Skin and Normal Skin products, Sunburn Cream, Cleaner Toner and Glow Serum, All-in-one moisturizing whitening body soap, 5D Papaya Lightening Soap, and the ultimate joker is the Advanced Empire set, made with natural ingredients which give the user the desired beautiful yellowish skin tone.

Presenting the new supplement on social media, the Candy love Nature Care Limited Chief Executive Officer averred that her mission is to ensure her customers enjoy a completely healthy life.

“My mission is to see Candylovenaturecare King and Queen happy and to empower you all to have a great healthy lifestyle. If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to send us a dm. We are here to support you in every step you want and remember sharing is caring. Take your 28 days detox and flat tummy food supplement every night before bedtime”, she wrote.

Out of sheer ingenuity, the Candy love Nature Care Limited’s Advanced Empire set, made with natural ingredients and unveiled few months ago, assures clients of beautiful yellowish skin tone. She explained: “This Candy love Nature Care set will lighten you up to 5-6 shades in less than 6 months. This is the best-selling set from our old and new clients all over the world. One of the base ingredients is collagen, and what does collagen do in your skin? It helps to remove wrinkle and anti-aging, protect you from having stretch marks, and glow your skin”, “Asaruchi Queen Smith said about the product.

The visioner recalled that Candy love Nature Care Limited started as an idea to correct the wrong impression many hold about natural products. After her failed personal quest to find natural products for her skin, she established the beauty firm after attending courses, trainings and awarded certification.

“The passion to change that impression about natural products spurred me. So, in 2017 I started my brand; practically doing everything by myself, from making the products to bottling and labelling. I was handling the sales, shipping by myself. But I was shocked to see how things suddenly blew up. The brand suddenly grew big in no time. We started by targeting like-minded customers who we supplied great products and we kept producing more. Referrals started flying in after tons of testimonies were coming from our customers. The quality of my products spoke for itself and within a few years, Candy love Nature Care brand has grown into a recognized international brand,” the Candy love Nature Care Limited boss stated.

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