Car Tracker Nigeria has specific products made for your vehicle—Abegunde Abiodun Michael

In the face of gloom and doom peeping through the window of insecurity car owners in Nigeria and across the continent are constantly exposed to, Car Tracker Nigeria Automotive And Telematics Company Limited, a Nigerian company powered by technology, comes to the rescue with several tailor-made solutions.

Car Tracker Nigeria Automotive And Telematics Company Limited is arguably one of the best there is in car security in Nigeria and Africa, with inclusive products for individual car owners or fleet management—driven by the idea of short recovery time with a team of experts solely dedicated to it, perchance they fall victim of car hijacking.

Founded by Abegunde Abiodun Michael in 2009, the firm is pushing limits in  car tracking and safety of drivers, a departure from what used to be acceptable as the maximum offerings in the business.

Car Tracker Nigeria Automotive and Telematics Company Limited makes use of innovative technology to project its core values, objectives and the purpose of their business, which is essentially to trail the blaze in car security and initiative unprecedented products and services.

Car Tracker Nigeria is a leader in installations of fuel monitoring, video telematics, anti-shatter, Speed limiter devices, Tire sealant, etc, on vehicles, whether on personal automobile or fleet. Through its mobile app, “Car Tracker Nigeria Mobile,” the firm offers innovative offerings and varieties of options to promote security of vehicles and safety of drivers on the road, as the latter had never been considered as a key variable before now.

Its Scheduled Shutdown empowers vehicle owners to remotely turn off their vehicles at pre-set times. This helps to ensure efficient fuel consumption, in the face of the current fuel subsidy removal and eco-friendly practices. Mores so, it has the Anti-Jammer Mode. This security feature gives car owners the leverage to prevent unauthorized attempts. It detects and neutralizes signal jammers commonly used by car thieves—who have also improved in their craft.

The Analytics Dashboard is created by Car Tracker Nigeria Mobile, to give car owners real-time window into the usage pattern of their vehicle and driving behaviour. The mobile application offers over 20 alert notifications, for all-encompassing safety module for users.

Car Tracker Nigeria Automotive And Telematics Company Limited is spreading beyond the borders of Nigeria, partnering with authorities in other countries, to reduce incidences of car theft to the barest minimum. It has its operations fully deployed in 16 cities in Nigeria, with over 52,000 cars under its surveillance.

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