Hardship faced by Nigerians motivated my songs –lSunshineGzuz

Fast-rising artiste, Onugha Victor Chike, who is fondly referred to as SunshineGzuz, has spoken of how the hardship being experienced by Nigerians in Nigeria inspired his music.

A talented lyricist and singer, who is gradually walking his way up the ladder of the entertainment industry,

SunshineGzuz, since attracting the attention of music lovers to his body if works, on the scenery, has stayed true to the cause, periodically dishing out his melodious tunes to wow his fans in Nigeria and the diaspora.

Reputed for his Afro-fusion sort of music, Onugha Victor Chike has ancestral roots in Obosi , Anambra State, and became a national sensation in 2020; the year of the lock down, when the global pandemic coronavirus struck and  all were forced to stay indoors ears

SunshineGzuz seized the opportunity of the lockdown to drop top songs that captivated thousands, immediately winning over the hearts of fans with the release of his first single, “Energy”, earlier in the year. He also went on to record “Why, “Joromi” and “Don’t stress it” also later in the same year.

In 2022, SunshineGzuz went a step further by releasing two hit singles; “Kontrola”, and he featured Suscex and Scotty in “Correct.”

Born on May 5th, 1996, the Afrobeat singer, rapper and crooner is seen by a growing majority as one of the golden rhythm and blues voices from the southeastern Nigeria, who is set to take the world by storm.

In his bid to connect more with his fans, SunshineGzuz has been using the social media to propagate his message and keep fans updated of his moves.

In a previous post on his Instagram handle, SunshineGzuz disclosed the release of his new single, “Popo”, which featured Highstarlavista and was produced by Loudsilens.

“We don’t wanna do anything to scare your children, that’s the last thing we wanna do. We don’t wanna scare anybody. Glad to announce the release of the most anticipated jam of the summer #POP0 fthighstarlavista.”

And speaking in a previous interview with reporters, SunshineGzuz highlighted the abundance of talents in the Nigerian music section, even as he said that it was the grace of the Almighty who has made him to be relevant and visible.

“No doubts about the talents we have in Nigeria. As a young artist you must stay on your game releasing new contents to keep the flow and remain relevant.

“I have often told people in the industry who come to ask for my source of inspiration that God is the main source. Also as a Nigerian living in Nigeria, the daily bustling and hustle to survive is enough to inspire anyone. I also like to embark on a solo journey to somewhere calm where I reflect and note things down,” added Onugha Victor Chike.

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