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How Pastor Eno Ebele is raising global prayer warriors

Across all domains, Pastor Jerry Eno Ebele popularly referred to as Eno Ebele is proving that she is sent to humanity, beyond the nominal interpretation of being a clergy woman.

The thrust for Jerry Eno Ebele is adding value to anyone and everyone who comes in contact with her messages through the various resources, or phycially present in her impactful programmes. But much more than that, Jerry Eno Ebele is raising a global community of prayer Warriors through her “Three Thursdays of Divine Answers and Turnaround” midnight prayers, an offshoot of her regular weekly prayer schedule.

The “Three Thursdays of Divine Answers and Turnaround”, driven at encouraging people around the world, men and women, to intercede for the spiritual fast-tracking of their desires before the end of the year, knows no boundary, as participants from around the world, depending on their time zone, religiously join the session hosted by Jerry Eno Ebele on Facebook. The participants are individuals who are not strange to what God is doing through her.

The Thursday prayer routine is a platform for corporate, yet individual prayer opportunity for issues that require divine intervention.

“God has said we should be intentional about the prayers we pray, intentional about our actions, intentional our confessions in the remaining days of the year. This is an instruction I’m leaving with everyone of us. Deliberate and conscious of what you are saying,” said Jerry Eno Ebele.

The Thursday midnight prayers is an extension of the global impact Pastor Eno Ebele has been used for by God. The trailblazer is a spiritual leader championing the course of reawakening the consciousness in women about fulfilling marriage and achieving their God-ordained agenda on earth, through coaching and mentorship.






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