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How Bespoke by Aisha Ochuwa Jewellery Academy is moulding jewellers

Visionary entrepreneur, Aisha Ochuwa Tella continues to make eternal footprint in Nigeria and global jewellery industry with her Bespoke by Aisha Ochuwa Limited, a subsidiary company under Aisha Ochuwa Limited and one that serves as Jewellery Academy.

Aisha Ochuwa Limited is a household name in the African fashion sector. The brand is years ahead other competitors, creating unimaginable and excellent assortment of stainless steel watches and jewellery

masterminded by Aisha Ochuwa Tella, a quintessential entrepreneur, who is on a mission to revolutionise fashion, redefine sophistication and adornment for men and woman, as it complements appearances.

Aisha Ochuwa Limited and now Bespoke by Aisha  Ochuwa Limited, have gone as far as the creative imagination of their visioner. Aisha Ochuwa Limited, the undisputable leader in jewellery designs, has blown the minds of those who behold its piece, leaving them in bewilderment over the level of meticulousness invested in its craft work; in the effort to meet the highest standards of quality and expectation of its clients. The company’s pervasive jewelry collection includes a wide range of bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings.

Bespoke by Aisha Ochuwa Limited is the latest brain child and product of forward thinking Aisha Ochuwa Tella, who keeps getting ahead of everybody; the hallmark of pioneers. Through the academy, she is determined to create the uncommon opportunity which she never had for others. Bespoke by Aisha Ochuwa Limited has become the ultimate destination for jewellery enthusiasts, incorporating being a super brand with helping the young ones begin the journey towards excellence, creativity, and entrepreneurial success, in world’s most unique learning environment, in unregimented company of the best jeweler.

“The company runs a subscription-based website where subscribers learn how to make different beautiful and unique designs of Jewellery, with the use of all kinds of jewellery making tools. Subscription options are one month, six months and one year,” Bespoke by Aisha Ochuwa Limited wrote.

“The program is called “Bench Jewellery” and interested subscribers get a Certificate in Bench Jewellery upon application for a certificate and after completion of the assigned Jewellery making projects. The Jewellery Academy was set up, due to the high demand of guidance and lectures by onlookers and customers, having watched the brand and noticed great expertise for years.”

With guaranteed and unrestrained access to the best content, Bespoke by Aisha Ochuwa Limited added: “At Bespoke by Aisha Ochuwa, we understand that your journey into the world of bench jewellery is a personal and transformative experience. Unlock exclusive access to limited edition content and delve into niche areas, allowing you to explore specialised techniques and styles.”

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