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How Jimmy Ofuoyan’s net worth rose to $45,000 in a year

There is certainly no gripping truth than the one which reminds that success hardly come outside of passion. It is the deep thing from where strength helps us to maintain energy and pursue our dreams for success.

Jimmy Ofuoyan, CEO of 360Kut, an international haircut brand, is a chilling and compelling testament to how success is inseparably tied to what our heart longs to do. The entrepreneur’s inspiring story began with his very humble background and how he has become an influence to ambitious youths across the world.

The 360Kuts boss endured a horrific childhood, in which survival, rather than a good life, was the only agenda. Access to primary education was all his parents owed him, and afterwards, the burden of what his future holds for him, was left to him to bear as a kid. Denied the basic needs of life, he never allowed the harrowing formative years never blight his future.

Born on August 15, 1998, into a large family, Jimmy Ofuoyab’s journey in essence began at the age of 12, when he enrolled as an apprentice at his older brother’s salon to pick up skills in braiding and fixing of women’s hair. His choice was strange, and so is how successful he has turned out to be.

Circumstances certainly only decapacitates, it lacks power to take away the greatness in those who realise the fact. While demonstrating dedication and unusual intelligence as an apprentice, Jimmy Ofuoyan embarked on self-tutorship about men’s haircut–a decision that potentially saved him life along his journey. After a few years, he was licensed to practice professionally, but he had always wanted to migrate abroad, which he did in 2016, in company of his cousin and friend, to Italy enroute Libya, as a teenager.

They fell victim of marauding human traffickers who threw them in prison camps. However, he kept hope alive through ingenuity, by barbing his fellow inmates and captors’ hair with a razor and comb, for a meal per day. He escaped from captivity after 18 months and fled to Italy, which has become his land of Canaan.

Through sheer hardwork, resilience and creativity, the 360Kuts owner has become an international sensation in a foreign land, as he demonstrated unmatched barbing skills. After sheltering in Sicily briefly as a migrant, he moved to Pescara in 2018. He offered premium services to people and completely transformed the face of the profession as a haircut specialist, patronised by celebrities and footballers. In 2022, he was valued at &20,000, and in less than a year after, his net worth has doubled, as he is currently valued at $45,000. Prepared through past challenges, Jimmy Ofuoyan’s story is another significant display of the true Naija spirit.

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