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I derive joy, satisfaction in helping others – Zino Muhamid Yasser

A seasoned journalist, Zino Yasser Mahamid better known as Khaola has said that giving back to the society, especially the less-privileged, lifts his joy.


According to him, Khaola who granted TMY News an interview recently, “There are many moments filled with tears of joy when I can help others, stand by them and restore their rights through my works.”


He added: “My philosophy in work is to support the oppressed, clarify the truth, and strive in that path until I reach the conviction that my father raised me upon. I am struggling in this way and the goal is to reach a just society.”

Zino Muhamid Yasser

The 45 year old journalist born and raised in the Syrian city of Idlib, in the town of Kafr Nubl further revealed that he was taught so much about life by his father.


He said: “I was born January 1, 1978. My father’s name is Yasser. I have 4 young brothers who work in the field of computer engineering. I was born and raised in the Syrian city of Idlib, in the town of Kafr Nubl.
I love my family very much, so our family is cohesive. Our father taught us morals, values, love for others, altruism, and helping others. My role model is my father, who worked hard and worked until we reached our success. He gave his youth and his life to us with joy until I reached the success I am in presently.”


For Khaola, education has also helped him a lot in achieving his life set goals, although raising his family on values ​​and principles played a vital role in his success.

“After obtaining a high school diploma in 1996. I moved to the city of Aleppo to study journalism, of course, after I graduated from the schools of my city, Kafranbel, the last of which was Shaish Sweed School.”

“However, my roots are still attached to my village despite the distance, and I still go back to my childhood home until now. I am now working in the field of free press, and my goal is to help others, stand up for the truth, respond to the oppressor, and restore the right of the oppressed. Raising my family on values ​​and principles had the greatest role in my success.”

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