I love dark – chocolate men, full of wisdom – Damilola Oni

Oni's confidence extends far beyond the silver screen

Nollywood star Damilola Oni is taking the industry by storm. Since breaking into the scene in 2017, the only daughter in a family of six has carved a path for herself in the fiercely competitive world of Nigerian film.
But Oni’s confidence extends far beyond the silver screen.
In a recent interview, Oni opened up about her journey, from a loving family upbringing that instilled self-acceptance, to navigating the challenges of the acting world. “I’m very confident in my skin,” she says, crediting her supportive family for fostering her positive body image.
This confidence shines through when she discusses her approach to life. “I don’t regret anything. When things happen, I take it as a lesson.”
This optimistic outlook extends even to her toughest moments as an actress.
She also recounted a story of being passed over for a lead role due to an insecure co-star, a setback that only fueled her determination to succeed.
“The worst moment as an actor has to be a time when I was supposed to be on a production, I had packed and I was so excited because it was the first time that a producer was calling me to come and play a lead role. I got there and on the first day, everyone was working but I was not. I was just in my room. The producer came to me and made me understand that the person I was supposed to work with said they should pick between me and him because he was not going to act with me. They had to choose that person because he was the bigger star. I was hurt because that person took away something from me that day. It made me realize that I had to work really hard to get to the top so that such things don’t happen to me again. No hard feelings now that I’m talking about it but then I was so hurt. I was disappointed. The producer begged me but they couldn’t choose me over the actor. I had to just take a role that I just did five scenes. I took it instead of the lead role. It was just painful that it happened to me but all is well and good,” she narrated.
Oni is clear about what she seeks in a partner.  “I love my men dark, chocolate, full of wisdom,” she reveals, outlining a list of qualities that include strong communication skills, ambition, and a deep respect for God. While she admits to a preference for being a first wife, her cultural awareness allows her to understand the choices others make. “I don’t see anything wrong with other women being second wives,” she says, “but I would honestly prefer to be my husband’s one and only wife.”

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