I would love to play Spider-Man role – Chimezie Imo

Chimezie Imo has grown into one of Nigeria's most sought-after actors and models

Chimezie Imo has grown into one of Nigeria’s most sought-after actors and models, a testament to his years of consistent hard work and dedication.

He was recently recognized with the Trailblazer Award at the 2024 Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards.

Imo shared with Saturday Sun his thoughts on the roles he looks forward to playing in the future. “I am just scratching the surface in my acting career. I love a good challenge. The more challenging it is, the more I am drawn to it. So let’s have them. I would definitely love to play an action role, maybe be the next Spider-Man,” he said.

He also shed light on his debut project premiering this July, “My debut project as a director is premiering this July at the Essence Film Festival in New Orleans, Louisiana. There’ll be so much more of that in the future.”
The opportunities that acting has brought to Imo have been numerous and varied. “Acting has had me travel to places I probably wouldn’t travel to any time soon and also meet amazing people around the world, both physically and online. But above all, the opportunity to be different people and live the lives of others is the ultimate,” he reflected.


When asked about the challenges of bringing Nollywood’s vibrant stories to life, Imo identified a key difficulty. “For me, the biggest challenge to bringing a story to life as an actor is not having a clear vision of a project or the director being unable to articulate their vision to me. That can cause a lack of direction and hence is a major challenge,” he explained.

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