Inspiring story of young Luxuryworld Bathrooms CEO Ekwenugo Philip Chigozie,

Estée Lauder once said: “I never dreamed about success. I worked for it.” One of the things humans have drawn from life’s experiences is inspiration about how others walked over challenges or dried up the red sea along their journey to success.
One of the thrilling and most inspiring stories ever told is that of Ekwenugo Philip Chigozie, the Chief Executive Officer of Luxuryworld Bathrooms, a company that also deals in the supply of kitchen equipment.
It should be pardonable if one wishes to be born into affluence, by which it is greatly believed that most of life’s challenges would be gone. Lucklily, the Luxuryworldbathrooms CEO was born into a wealthy family, however, he did not allow his rich background to dictate and determine what he would be referree to in life.
The Luxuryworld bathrooms boss always had a thing for business while growing up, hence, what he would become in life was already certain. In 2017, he established Luxuryworldbathrooms after taking counsel from his brother. Five years into business, the brand has grown into becoming one of the most sought after by elites who have great taste for quality interior fittings, as well as mega real estate companies, who seek his services to complement the aesthetics of their properties.
“I’m from a rich family but I chose to work it out for myself. I have always been into business even in my childhood days, I was into business. In fact, I have a track record of progressing in it and that was why I chose to be a businessman.
“I became an entrepreneur in 2017. At first, it wasn’t easy pushing the brand of luxury world bathrooms. It was hard somehow but we are happy where we are today.
“My brother gave me the business advice in 2017 when I was going into LuxuryWorld Bathrooms. He told me to stick to this business and never to give up. I am glad I did”, the CEO of Luxuryworld bathrooms stated while fielding questions from journalists.
Since real estate became one of the fastest growing sectors in Nigeria due to population explosion and tremendous increase in housing demand, so has been the dramatic increase in the number of competitors fighting for market share as Luxuryworldbathrooms.
But through insight, Ekwenugo Chigozie has been able to come up with cutting edge quality products, five-year warranty, on-time and top-notch service delivery, all of which have made Luxuryworldbathrooms the choice of all and sundry.
Client after client have ceaselessly expressed uncommon satisfaction after each business dealing with the company. This has given the company’s managing director the audacity to dream of being found in every household in Nigeria.
“We have been receiving good testimonies from our customers because we offer them the best quality and we also give them exactly what they ordered.
“That’s because we deal in quality and we offer a five-year warranty on any item people get from us with free delivery. We give our customers quality items, which makes them refer us to others.
“I want it because Luxuryworld bathrooms will be a household name you will see in every bathroom across the country and beyond,” stressing that choosing Lagos for free was both deliberate and strategic”, he stressed.
The Luxuryworld bathrooms boss, who is eyeing a full incursion into real estate, has been set apart by the reputation the company has built, which is why it has become the choice of realtors.
“My most significant moments is when I started getting real estate contracts. This wasn’t what I expected but I am very happy seeing my business brand coming this far,” the entrepreneur stated.
“I am also making up my mind to put more interest into the real estate sector. The space is free and I see fruitful things happening in this massive sector for my company.”

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