Who exactly is Trillbjn co-founder of BillerPay Africa and Africa’s youngest CTO


Success is no respecter of colour, tribe or ethnic sentiments. Africa and Nigeria used to be known as the dark continent, but some young intellectuals are changing the narrative about it.
One of the cerebral minds breaking breaking grounds and tearing down barriers is phenomenal Oyemonlan Benjamin Oseoje, popularly known as Trillbjm, co-founder of ‘BillerPay Africa’, a fast, seamless and convenient crypto payment platform that automates money transfers and bill payments with bitcoin, Nigeria Fashionnova, among other enterprises.
Trillbjm, who also co-founded Fashionnova and other enterprises, is a Nigerian tech wizard. He was born in Lagos and is the second of five children. The fintech entrepreneur has been deepening the penetration of bitcoin in the continent.
“Some African countries are increasingly looking in the direction of blockchain, especially in the banking and finance sector. That’s because the value of the blockchain technology stems from its ability to share data in a fast, secure way among entities. We are already developing native blockchain infrastructure that is tailored to suit the African market,” Trillbjm said in an interview.
Right from childhood, the businessman had shown signs that he was not a regular child. During his formative years, the genius was completely lost in his daydreams about inventions that his parents noticed something was not normal about him.
Speaking on his unprecedented creative ability and intelligence which have never been seen before, he stated:
“I first identify a problem I may have at a particular time, I then think of a viable solution. If I can solve that problem, I try to amplify it enough to reach other people who like myself require the solution. This is my secret tool”.
Trillbjm’s parents were absolutely not wrong, as the software engineer would grow up to become one of the brightest tech brains to have come out of Africa. But apart from his high intelligence, Trillbjm never relegated the impact of quality education in how far he has come.
The tech guru studied computer science at the University of Lagos and later obtained a degree in Computer Systems Networking and Telecommunications from University of Michigan, and a master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of the People in the United States; both between 2018 and 2020.
Between 2021 and 2022, he added “Certification, Building A Startup” from NEXFORD University to his already intimidating curriculum vitae.
Before his tertiary education, Oyemonlan Oseoje had his primary education  at Mothercare Elementary School in Lagos, before his secondary education at CMS Grammar School, Bariga, where he sat for the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) and came out excellent grades.
“I have had good education starting with my primary education at Mothercare Elementary School, Lagos and secondary education at CMS Grammar School, Bariga, before acquiring tertiary education at the University of Lagos, University of Michigan,”Trillbjm also stated.
He started his highly distinguished career practice as an IT consultant with Apex Cosy Nigeria Limited. Afterwards, he worked with Skylar Inc as a software engineer, and in 2017, he joined Microsoft as an Associate Software Developer in the US.
Trillbjm made history when he became Africa’s youngest ‘Chief Technology Officer’ (CTO), serving in the capacity in several digital organisations, including Gloverapp, Hankdevice, Rooomxix, and Patricia Technology; an alternative payment solutions company that facilitates the easy use of cryptocurrencies for everyday transactions.
The tech progidy has also made significant contributions to reputable private and public establishments and multinationals, such as the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Glover Technologies, Skylar Business Solutions, Microsoft and MTN.
Trillbjm is also an unpopular philanthropist. As much as he is burdened with finding the next solution to the challenges faced with digital payment, he also carries the poor and less privileged in his heart.
“I love helping the next man and I’m a huge fan of impacting positively to people.
“Engaging in philanthropic work gives you perspective and shows you what truly matters in life. It also, consequently, makes you a better leader and truly sets an example for your followers to help others who, at that moment, can’t help themselves,” Trillbjm stressed.
In 2021, he was honoured with the Nelson Leadership Award of Excellence and Integrity by ECOWAS, a recognition given to inspiring leaders who are doing extraordinary things in the sub-continent. The regional body also named him as Ambassador of West Africa Youth Council.

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