McCartney roasts Springsteen at Ivor Awards

Sir Paul McCartney affectionately mocked Bruce Springsteen, as he presented him with a prestigious prize at Thursday’s Ivor Novello Awards.

Springsteen was in London to receive the ceremony’s highest honour – a fellowship of the songwriting academy.

He is the first international star to receive the award, and Sir Paul said he “couldn’t think of a more fitting” recipient… “except maybe Bob Dylan”.

“Or Paul Simon, or Billy Joel, or Beyoncé, or Taylor Swift,” he added. “The list goes on.”

“He’s known as the American working man,” Sir Paul continued, “but he admits he’s never worked a day in his life.”

And he imagined how Springsteen would have fitted into the Beatles, before deciding: “When it comes to talent, he’d definitely be in the top five.”

Springsteen took the jibes in good humour, hugging Sir Paul as he took to the stage.

His voice was hoarse and squeaky, after playing a rain-soaked, three-hour concert in Sunderland on Wednesday night.

But he said he never considered cancelling the show.

“We came out last night, and I was like, ‘What is this weather? Driving rain, wind roaring”

“But standing in front of me, in the rain, I realised: These are my people.”





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