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Meet adorable daughters of Aisha Ochuwa Group Ltd GMD

One of the cardinal protocols of life is everything produces after its kind. Aisha Ochuwa Tella, Group Managing Director (GMD) of Aisha Ochuwa Group Limited—a jewellery conglomerate, is not only a success story in business, but top on her asset list is two charming daughters.

The Ochuwa Group Limited GMD is a major instrument of change that has completely revolutionised the jewellery industry in Nigeria and on the entire continent. She is one of the few women in business who have shattered the glass ceiling and conquering obstacles the other gender would likely not have the courage to dare.

Blessed with five-year-old Misha Isabella Tella and Miriam Jasmine Tella, who is just two, it is guaranteed that Aisha Ochuwa Tella is raising these enchanting gifts to be as bold and fearless as her quintessential self.

Daughters of lawyer and serial entrepreneur—Misha Isabella and Miriam Jasmine —and most precious of her blessings, are doubtlessly likely to follow in the footprint of their inspirational mother, who has transformed a business idea she had in her undergraduate days at Babcock University, Nigeria, where she acquired a Diploma in Criminology and a LL.B degree with a Second Class Upper Division, into a thriving  conglomerate.

Aisha Ochuwa Group Limited comprises Aisha Ochuwa Jewellery Limited, Aisha Ochuwa Luxury and Bespoke By Aisha Ochuwa. Aisha Ochuwa Jewellery Limited handles the production and sale of stainless steel jewellery in both wholesale and retain, while Aisha Ochuwa Luxury handles the production and sale of pure gold, natural diamonds, certified fine silver, and moissanite jewellery. Bespoke By Aisha Ochuwa is where she is incubating and grooming tomorrow’s finest jewelers.

The under-30 mega-businesswoman is sufficient reference point for Misha Isabella and Miriam Jasmine on the powerful role education plays in the journey of success. They have the assurance of qualitative education, as it is significant in the prestige, influence and affluence, their mother commands.  She is the matron of National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) .In April 2023, she was listed among the Top 5 female entrepreneurs in Nigeria alongside Mo Abudu and Hilda Bacci, by Leadership newspaper.

Crucially, Misha Isabella and Miriam Jasmine have as mother a role model many outsiders and young ones of their ages would trade anything for in the world, to have as godmother. As the leading light in a corrupt society riddled with negative influences, their future is secured.

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