Who is Osborn Nweze Umahi?

Osborn Nweze Umahi is Arthur Eze’s nephew

For those who often ask: ‘Who is Osborn Nweze Umahi? 

Osborn Nweze Umahi

Osborn Nweze Umahi is Arthur Eze’s nephew. He is a successful entrepreneur who has achieved remarkable success with his Osborn La Palm Resort with other investments like real estate, and Oil & Gas.

Osborn Nweze Umahi, popularly known as Osborn Nweze was born march 14th 1998.

The Son of former Abia State Governor, David Nweze Umahi, moved to London when he was 15. He has a Bachelors degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Surrey in England. He also obtained a Masters in Finance & Investment management in University of Aberdeen in England.

Osborn Nweze Umahi is he Managing Director of his father’s company Brass oil & construction & chairman of Osborn Lapalm group of companies.

He has the net worth Of over 200 million dollars making him the youngest billionaire in Nigeria 2024.

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