The true biography and business journey of top female entrepreneur Sandra Iheuwa

This is the compelling and true story of a leading Nigerian female entrepreneur Iheuwa Sandra Ifeoma,  who is popularly called Sandra Iheuwa rose from humble beginning to become a highly successful business leader, who has also distinguished herself in her academics, boasting of four degrees
For many decades now, we have been told stories of how women conquered to become superstars  Such astounding women rose above life shackles to destroy stereotypes, linked with the female gender.
Sandra Iheuwa surely a high dose of heroine running in her veins as she is a hands on and driven woman, who works assiduously hard to attain lofty heights.
Being someone who has always had a penchant for business, Sandra Iheuwa did not dilly dally in thrusting herself into trade very early in life. And she was successful at it that after standing the test of time as an entrepreneur in Nigeria,  Iheuwa Sandra Ifeoma started a cross-border trading venture, carving a niche and channel through which Nigerians ferry local edibles, comprising Ponmo and Kilishi to the United States of America and United Kingdom.
Without equivocation, Ella Shipments and Logistics, a cargo and freight firm, known for its door to door delivery, incorporated by Sandra Iheuwa, who was formerly married to music talent manager, Ubi Franklin ranks as one of the best trans-border delivery service from Nigeria.
Strong, fearless and truthful, Sandra Iheuwa has taken Ella Logistics from one corner of a shop to multiple shops dotting different parts of the country, with three offices in Lagos, and others in Port Harcourt, Akwa Ibom, Asaba, Ibadan, Ibadan and has plans to open a new branch office in Kano.
It is with any equivocation that Sandra Iheuwa, like other mortals on earth has gone through some  windstorms, but she has not allowed them to bury her as she has emerged from them all with a tray of new  successes. Like Amy Tenney says, “the world needs strong women. Women who will lift and build others, who will love and be loved, women who live bravely, both tender and fierce, women of indomitable will.”
She did not allow the challenging outcomes in one aspect of her life affect the values she has to give in others. Her Ella Rose Luxury Collection, a fashion outlet that deals in wholesale and retail shopping/ sales of fine classy handbags, receives huge online orders  throughout the country, and her clients get timely delivery through Ella Logistics.
The strong-willed beauty with brains is an inspiration to her female folks. does not put light out on anything that seems not going according to plan in her life. To Sandra Iheuwa, the brief setbacks she suffered are just a learning curve to what is ahead for her; she just does not give, a trait that has been evident in her success in the corporate business world
Sandra Iheuwa, who is the CEO of Ella Shipments and Logistics not too long ago said that she found love again, several months after a recent controversy regarding her union to Steve Thompson.
Iheuwa Sandra Ifeoma said,  “Love is a beautiful thing. Your girl has found love again. I will hide my baby like palliative, because when I chop breakfast, na between me and God.”
Reminiscing on how far she has come on her journey, she recollected how she started life in the US without a degree, but has now bagged four degrees.

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