TMY Empire launches TMY PAYGO in order to connect the world together with Digital Banking Solutions

TMY Empire, a digital company has launched another business focused platform named TMY PAYGO.

Tmy empire

The CEO of the brand Ajayi Solomon noted that the gig economy is nothing new.

For centuries, people have been performing temporary or freelance jobs. But what has changed is that technology enables more widespread, flexible, and on demand work opportunities that companies and individuals can benefit from.

TMY PAYGO is geared towards enabling freelancer vendors to get work and then help companies to get services needed.

According to Ajayi, his company, Tree Money Yard Empire also known as Tmy Empire launched Tmy PAYGO in order to connect the world together with Digital Banking Solutions, TPG Services Limited and more.

“It’s a Digital fintech PR company. TMY PAYGO, operates as a Frontline PR money platform. We offer banking agent Crypto Vendors money sending and receiving, funds disbursement, and crypto processing solutions through the TPG App”

He added, “Whether you are looking to join the gig economy and explore freelancing as an alternative option to work, or simply looking to expand your activities in this area, or you want to buy and sell digital assets you’re in the right platform.”

Tmy Empire has been referred to as one of the most influential Digital Media Companies who have influenced most top public figures across the globe.

Ajayi, a tech guru, had previously worked with Bravo House of Entertainment until 2011 when he set out to found TMY Empire, a basic media production, marketing and management company.

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