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Christmas is a season to gift loved ones- Candy Love Nature Care CEO, Queen Smith

Asaruchi Queen Smith, widely known as Candy Love, a UK-based skincare expert and YouTuber who is currently making waves in the beauty and skincare industry with her brand Candy love Nature Care LTD has urged Beauty Enthusiasts to endeavor to gift their loved ones her products for Christmas.

Candy love Nature Care LTD Boss also urged everyone to take note of the Yuletide and use the opportunity to show love to people around.

“December is getting closer, time for shopping the more reason to show your loved ones that you can package our products as a give to your friends and family as a Christmas present,” she urged.

This comes after Asaruchi Queen Smith announced the birth of her new set of products, Advanced Empire set.

According to the skincare expert, Advanced Empire is made with natural ingredients which helps to give the user that beautiful yellowish skin tone he or she is looking for.

She said, “This Candy love Nature Care set will lighten you up to 5-6 shades in less than 6 months. This is the best selling set from our old and new clients all over the world. One of the base ingredients is collagen, and what does collagen do in your skin? It helps to remove wrinkle and anti-aging, protect you from having stretch marks, and glow your skin. In fact, I have tons of testimonies coming from our customers. The quality of my products has spoken for itself and within my years of practice. Candy Love Nature Care brand has grown into a recognized international brand.”

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