We supply most modern branding machines in Nigeria, says OGB Copiers CEO

OGB Copiers becomes leading brand printing sector

The expansion of the printing industry in Nigeria is due to accessibility to the latest branding technology in the country.

The assertion came from Ogbuonye Echezona Somtochukwu, CEO of OGB Copiers during an industry roundtable recently streamed live on his Facebook page.

OGB Copiers have emerged as one of the business leaders in the printing sector. The company, a supplier of printing and branding equipment, has become a major player since its emergence in 2020.

Giving an insight into how OGB Copiers became a household name in a few months after its establishment, Ogbuonye, an alumnus of Federal Polytechnic Oko, Anambra State, said: “Most companies are not able to purchase bigger machines, so we break their payment down into instalment.”

He further added: “There are fake printing toners (inks) in circulation, especially for printing machines like Konica, Xerox, Sharp, Kyocera and HP. What we have done is to ensure that our customers get the original supply from us. That way, their machines are protected.”
Continuing, he said: “We buy from direct suppliers and we make sure we check the whole description. We also make sure we get samples and test run them first before bringing such items into the country.”

Prices, he told the participants, are often an indication of fake printing equipment and consumables.

“Cheaper prices are often telltales of counterfeit products; it’s something we check while trying to get the right products,” he said.
Probed for marketing secrets that made OGB Copiers a market leader, he said: “We do lots of giveaways, as a way of giving back to the world. Clients who participated in our giveaway became some of our loyal clients.”


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