Webscore Nigeria has conquered its challenges, says Eloho Oyegwa

Just like little birds learn the ropes of flying and infants take baby steps, so are many start-ups confronted with a lot of challenges early on, stemming from raising capital and getting clients to survive the pilot stage of their existence. Webcore Nigeria, a digital enterprise providing cutting edge products and services to businesses, was confronted with much more daunting challenges at the outset.

Incorporated in 2016 by tech wizkid Eloho Oyegwa, a native of Delta State raised in Lagos, Webcore Nigeria began giving a potpourri of digital products, comprising Social Media Marketing, SEO, Internet Branding, Online Presence, and Digital Marketing packages and transitioned into providing website design services and product-led model. The idea moved the company from one struggling to keep its head above water to a thriving business.

Speaking on the issues that faced his company when it started operation,

Eloho Oyegwa, while stating the fear of God guides his business dealings with clients, said he was able to walk the firm out of a seemingly difficult period.

“I run Webcore Nigeria, a product-led digital technology business where we offer a range of digital products, including Social Media Marketing, SEO, Internet Branding, Online Presence, and Digital Marketing packages, through our e-commerce platform.

“The idea for this venture emerged from my initial experience in website development, which later transitioned into offering website design services.

Recognizing the limitations of service delivery business, I pivoted to a product-led model in 2016, focusing on digital solutions.

“Since our establishment on August 31, 2016, this approach has not only resulted in higher and faster revenue but also enabled us to reach a broader audience, making it a successful and sustainable business model.

“When I founded my business, I faced significant challenges, particularly in generating sufficient revenue and attracting new customers. The lower revenue and struggle to expand our customer base were daunting obstacles. In order to overcome these challenges, I made a strategic decision to pivot from a service delivery model to a product-led digital technology business.

“By transitioning to selling digital products like Social Media Marketing, SEO, Internet Branding, Online Presence, and Digital Marketing packages through our e-commerce platform, we not only addressed the issue of lower revenue but also found a solution to attract a wider audience.

“This shift not only boosted our earnings but also allowed us to connect with more customers, transforming our initial challenges into opportunities for growth and sustainability”, added Eloho Oyegwa

Continuing he said, “I come from a religious, warm and loving family. My parents have always been my pillars of strength and have taught me invaluable life lessons. My father, Engineer Jeremiah Akporuere Oyegwa, is a hardworking individual who has instilled in me the importance of dedication and perseverance. My mother, Mrs Felicia Aruoriwo Oyegwa, is incredibly compassionate and has taught me the significance of empathy and kindness”.

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