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360Kuts CEO Jimmy Ofuoyan proves superheroes too have struggles and pains


Kids would argue to the end of the world that their superheroes are more than mere characters in Hollywood movie, and are also not humans like them. Same is relatable to life; in which we seldom forget that people who achieved extraordinary things in life are flesh and blood too.

Jimmy Ofuoyan, the founder of international haircut brand, 360Kuts, which is popular across Pescara and Italy, is perhaps the most resilient youth of his generation whose story has been documented. He had no fictional power to fly as the Superman, but he could be mentioned in the same breath as inspiring others, playing his part in being a role model.

The 360Kuts CEO has the biggest profile of Nigerian migrants in Italy, as he is reckoned as the best in the whole of Pescara and Abruzzo region in men’s haircut. Jimmy Ofuoyan had one of the worst formative years a child could ever endure. Many, who were in his shoes, have become nightmares to society. Born by parents who extremely struggled to fend for them, he only had primary education, after which whatever he made out of his life was entirely his responsibility.

In his early teen years, Jimmy Ofuoyan acquired skills to become a professional in braiding and fixing of women’s hair, in which he demonstrated uncommon understanding. With the intention to become an all-round hairstylist, he self-taught on men’s haircut; a decision which would earn him global fame and recognition.

He made the perilous journey of reaching Europe through Libya as a teenager after his knowledge acquisition in Nigeria. He was taken by human traffickers who threw him in prison, where his purpose in life eventually manifested. With razor and comb, he became the official barber of his captors and other prisoners.

Ofuoyan escaped to Italy after 18 months in jail, heralded the birth of the international haircut brand, which has become the toast of all far away from his own country of birth. Superheroes typically use their powers to help the world become a better place, Jimmy Ofuoyan likewise has, through his profound story of perseverance, inspired youths who are currently in a tough place, to keep hope alive. The entrepreneur also through his unmatched skill, stimulated youths to follow their passion.

But in a post on social media, the 360Kuts owner spoke on his background and revealed that despite his successes, he has thought about quitting several times.

“I grew up in one of the sickest trenches of Africa where almost everyone is mentally unstable, depressed, full of anxiety, emotionally traumatised but without consciousness of it and even knowing these, you’d still get people around who tells you can’t give in to it because that ahit is like luxury for the rich who ain’t fat anything else to occupy their minds with,” he stated.

“But it’s fine to feel like this, there are times I feel so frustrated and really down on my knees I just don’t want to let it get to me so much anymore, don’t want to pretend or love about it, the everyday happy version of me here on Instagram or at work isn’t really always me. It’s just a fake face and expression that I put on, especially at work. For some reasons, I just feel someone needs to hear it.”


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