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Where do award winning music duo Two Tigers come from?

Where exactly do wave making and chart bursting music group Two Tigers come from? What is the background of these singers who have wowed the music scene with their sonorous and alluring tunes?.
How did these talented singers start their odyssey into music?

It is a truism that Nigeria may be suffering from a serious lack of good leadership, which in turn has made things tough for those living in the country but one that all can attest to is that the nation is saturated with an abundance of mineral resources and a high number of gifted youths.
Nigeria has a talented and boisterous entertainment industry that continues to put it on the map worldwide through the gifts freely given them.

Nigeria’s music sector has seen different music duo who, hit the fame button across the world. In the past 20 years or so, there have been popular groups like Plantashun Boiz, P-Square, Zule Zoo, Bracket, etc, but Two Tigers, formed by Oguro Ibos,
and Zeel Tiger, are the new Nigerian singing sensation.

Oguro Ibos is one half of the group Two Tigers, who are serenading their fans in Nigeria and across the world with beautiful and I treatable melodies. The Italy-based musician, a recording artiste on Two Tigers Music Record, started his career as arealy as nine years old while he was in the primary school.

Though this kind of music seldom contains explicit content, Two Tigers have won the hearts of fans locally and globally.

The 31-year-old music star, who hails from Uromi in Edo State, shares a lot of things in common with music partner and childhood friend, Zeel Tiger, whose real name is Prince Jimoh Abiodun. They both came from the same state and also attended Ambrose Alli University.

His ability to identify what his heart tends towards and pursuing it early in life was critical to how successful he has been in the industry, having come a long a way.

He realised his dream in 2016, when he released his first single titled: ‘Way back’. A year later, Oguro Ibos hit the airwaves again with two new singles: ‘Tonight’, in which he featured Ejoba and later ‘Small small.’

2021 was filled with great and colourful events for Two Tigers as they churned out several quality singles. The pair first featured Jaywon in ‘My Good’, before the subsequent ones.

Other singles released by the super-gifted music stars last year included: ‘Suwe’, ‘I h8 precal’, ‘Swang Banger’ featuring Thomas Wyman, Anika Erikson and Reynaldo. The group also released ‘Mama Prayers’ featuring Jaywon, Gratitude and ‘Conquer.’

Two Tigers released ‘Condu’ in August this year, in which they featured Toleranx TMB.

“At first, the foreigners thought it would be hard to understand our song but once it goes on air, they are all on their feet, vibing and dancing all the way,” Oguro Ibos said in ain interview.

Over the years, Two Tigers have earned themselves a huge followership and listernership base across the world, with their music dowloadable on various streaming platforms such as Spotify, Boomland, Deezer and Apple.

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