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Where does MC Chaz, US-based pharmacist-turned-master of ceremonies come from?

Where really does Chaz Chiaz Ogbu, popularly referred to as MC Chaz, a pharmacist by profession and celebrated master of ceremonies, who lives in the United States of America come from? What is the background of this charming and handsome young man, who has shot to the pinnacle of his profession in so short a time in the industry, as well as being among the best in Africa?.

What actually is the background of
MC Chaz, who has compered almost 500 weddings since he left his high earning Senior Reimbursement Counsellor job a decade ago, with two of the world’s leading pharmaceutical corporation’s.

To put into proper context, MC Chaz, comes from Ubaha-Akpulu in Ideato North Local Government Area of Imo State. He is the son of Christian parents.

Born in 1985, MC Chaz after completing his elementary and secondary education, proceeded to study Microbiology at the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Anambta State.

After bagging a honours degree in Microbiology, MC Chaz travelled to the USA and went further to equip himself academically with another degree from University of Maryland.

Armed with high level of academic excellence, MC Chaz, a highly trained medical personnel, later turned to something different, being a master of ceremonies , and swiftly captured with rapt attention guests during occasions, fishing out some of the best tricks and wits ever seen with the microphone in his hands.

For MC Chaz, to be fulfilled in life gives rue happiness and he belongs to the humans, who believe that success is not necessarily judged by how much money one could have, the pedigree of his employers or profession, but the gratification that comes with what one does.

“I am now a full blown man; refined, reserved, respectful, well groomed, and wiser. All to the glory of the most high God’s plan is different from Man’s. I used to ask why my life wasn’t ‘straight to the point’ I always had to go through so many routes, so many processes and then I get frustrated in it. Later in life, I would find out those processes defined me. Now, I want to go through many more processes with patience and love”, Mr Chaz said.

Speaking further, Mr Chaz said, “I’m just waiting on Gods time is so much fun and exciting. In my thoughts, I go “ok Lord, what are you up to this time? What are you using me for this time?” Father, teach me your humility, your patience, your love. I want to learn them so well that it becomes a way of life for others around me”.

Through patience, open mind, talent, skill and meticulous learning, MC Chaz has in one decade in the industry in the United States, built a rich profile for himself. His physical and professional charm have worked wonders on Americans, as he has become the choice of many to host their weddings, birthdays and anniversaries. Till date, he has anchored almost 500 weddings, and he rates himself as one of the top emcees in Africa.

“I believe I was born with hosting events. Not to toot my horn but, if you were to count the best 20 African MC’s in the diaspora, I’ll be one. I knew one day my turn will arrive and it would last a very long time. I have hosted almost 500 weddings in the last 10 years. It’s been an amazing journey. I have two people in the world I look up to; Steve Harvey & Trevor Noah,” Chaz Chiaz Ogbu said.

The last of four siblings and holding two degree certificates surely makes MC Chaz feel greatly delighted that he has done is education-loving parents, who according to MC Chaz, see education as a primary acquisition before any other thing their  children choose to do in life.

“Ours is a very educated background. Our parents did not take education lightly; it was no joke in our home. You could choose to be a musician but my parents insisted you must be educated first,” MC Chaz emphasised.

“Childhood was fantastic for me. I wasn’t the child that had all the toys in the world. My mom didn’t believe in them. My father got me bikes and toys, but we had to study as that gave better satisfaction to our parents.”

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